Laura Doss/Getty Images

People expecting to receive coronavirus mRNA vaccines at a Virginia Kroger were injected with empty syringes.

The mishap occurred at a Kroger location in Chesterfield County, Fox News reported.

A "healthcare professional" at Kroger assumed another colleague had pre-filled the syringes with mRNA vaccine before people came in for their appointments.

For some reason, the healthcare worker didn't notice the syringes were empty before administering the injections.

WRIC reported that fewer than 10 people were injected with air in an empty syringe.

Healthcare workers are trained to examine syringes to make sure there is no air in the syringe before administering shots.

Injecting people with a bolus of air can be deadly because the air can travel to the heart or lungs and cause a fatal embolism.

According to WRIC, the patients were later contacted to come back for the actual vaccine.