Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Ivanka Trump's vaccine selfie sparked outrage and indignation when she shared the photos on last week.

The eldest daughter of former President Donald Trump tweeted photos of herself taking the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine on April 14.

"Today, I got the shot!!! I hope that you do too! Thank you Nurse Torres!!!" Ivanka tweeted.

But, instead of praise from her followers, the responses she received were mostly negative.

"You're a sad joke," tweeted one follower.

Another Twitter follower wrote: "Nice of you to get on board around a year late."

While a third user tweeted: "Daddy said it was a hoax, just a few days ago, again, after he and pence and your hubby let over 500,000 die needlessly, the least you can do is get a shot."

However, some Trump haters were appreciative.

One Twitter follower wrote: "Listen, I absolutely HATE her too, but we gotta admit this is the right move on her part."

While others thanked Ivanka for her efforts to get more Americans vaccinated.


Ivanka is the latest Trump to get a vaccination. Her father and stepmother, Melania, received their shots in January before leaving the White House for good.