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Atlanta news icon Jovita Moore underwent successful brain surgery to remove tumors about 10 days after receiving her second Covid-19 mRNA vaccine injection.

Jovita was fully vaccinated weeks before doctors diagnosed two small tumors in her brain.

According to a post on her Instagram page, dated April 2, Jovita took the first experimental vaccine about a month before her brain tumors were discovered.

She captioned the post:

Last month, this week, two doses, done! About to get in these streets! No, no I’m not. I’m staying in my bubble & only seeing other vaccinated friends for a minute. Still gonna wear a mask when I’m in public, I’ll keep washing my hands diligently, and keep my social distance as much as possible. Matter fact, I’ll just stay at work till this is over.

10 days later, Jovita was rushed to an emergency room after nearly losing consciousness at a grocery store on Monday, April 12. A brain scan revealed the tumors.

She is recovering after undergoing surgery on Friday morning. Doctors called her a “model patient,” Channel 2 Action News reported.

Just before going on the air on Monday, Jovita told colleague Justin Farmer that she wasn’t feeling great.

Later, she nearly lost consciousness in the Publix parking lot. An incident that she described as “walking in quicksand.”

“It was a blessing in disguise that I almost passed out walking into Publix,” Jovita said. “I was walking. I remember walking across the parking lot and feeling like I wasn’t going to make it to the door. I was almost like walking in quicksand.”

Recovery from the surgery will last 8-10 weeks.