By Sandra Rose  | 

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A Virginia man was shot 10 times by a deputy who gave him a ride open then returned when the victim called 911.

Isaiah Brown, 32, was shot 10 times by the same deputy who had given him a ride home earlier when his car broke down at a gas station.

Brown is in intensive care at a hospital with 10 bullet wounds. He is expected to recover.

Brown's siblings told WRC-TV that Brown was given a ride home by a Spotsylvania County deputy who told the family he wasn't in any trouble.

Around 3:30 a.m. Brown called 911 about a "domestic disturbance" at his home. The same deputy arrived and engaged Brown outside the home.

His family said Brown was unarmed and only had his cell phone.

"The officer just started shooting at him for no reason. I didn't hear a warning shot. All I heard was 'Hands up!' one time. And all he had was his phone, so I know he put his hands up," Tazmon Brown, the victim's brother, told the TV station.

Tazmon Brown told the news station that he thinks his brother hoped to get a ride back to his stalled vehicle.