Patriot Pics / BACKGRID

This pop star claims she’s having the “best time of (her) life” with her new man, but sources say he’s just a temporary fill-in.

Sources say the actor is just a “pinch hitter” and their relationship is “purely for show.”

The pop star desperately needed a rebound guy after her last relationship with a retired ball player failed spectacularly. Fortunately, the actor was available to fill the empty space left by her previous lover.

Her last lover departed because he refused to rush into a marriage with a manipulative woman.

After arranging a public outing with the actor, she dutifully contacts the paparazzi so their photos are supplied to tabloids and the blogs.

The bilingual singer and the actor are often pictured cuddling or kissing, but their body language says they have no feelings for each other.

The pop star has already recruited her next lover. They will go public soon after she dumps the actor for a second time.


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