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Police are investigating a double homicide at the infamous Versace mansion on Miami Beach.

The fabled Versace Mansion became the scene of another murder investigation after housekeeping staff discovered the bodies of two men in one of the luxury hotel’s suites.

Miami Beach Police opened a murder investigation after the bodies were found on Wednesday, July 14.

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Fashion mogul Gianni Versace (pictured with his muse Naomi Campbell) was fatally shot by serial killer Andrew Cunanan who stalked him outside the mansion in July, 1997.

The South Beach historic site was sold in 2013 for $41.5 Million to new owners the Nakash family of Jordache Enterprises.

The place was transformed into The Villa Casa Casuarina — a luxury boutique hotel.

Ironically, Wednesday’s death drama fell on the eve of the anniversary of Versace’s murder.