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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is deploying the National Guard to hospitals throughout the state to assist with the nursing shortage.

Hospitals are reporting severe nursing shortages amid a surge of Covid-19 cases and vaccine breakthrough cases in Georgia.

Nurses are quitting in droves over vaccine mandates put in place by hospitals in Georgia.

About 105 National Guard personnel with medical training have been deployed to 10 hospitals around the state, including Grady in Atlanta, Piedmont Henry in Stockbridge, and Piedmont Fayette in Fayetteville.

Last year, Covid-19-related deaths in Georgia peaked at 250 per day.

According to NBC News, as of Aug. 24, deaths in Georgia average about 50 per day for the entire state.

Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Gov. Kemp watches as Kim Raymond, a nurse in the intensive care unit at Candler Hospital, left, receives a dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine from R.N. Lisa Lynn.

In light of the impact of nursing shortages, some hospitals in Atlanta are reconsidering their vaccine mandates.

The Georgia Department of Public Health daily data shows 669 new hospitalizations and 71 deaths, in addition to nearly 17,000 "cases" of Covid-19 in the state.