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A PSA featuring an Arkansas street hustler telling people to get vaccinated is going viral.

The PSA, commissioned by the Arkansas Dept. of Health, features street entrepreneur Richard Johnson telling people to get the vaccines.

About 68% of Americans have at least one dose of mRNA vaccine in their arms. Federal, state and local governments are pulling out all the stops to get hesitant Americans to roll up their sleeves.
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In the video, Johnson is seen leaning on a car while passionately telling viewers to get the vaccine.

He said the pandemic affected his “lifestyle” and impacted his revenue stream while he (and his customers) were on lockdown.

“During the pandemic, my lifestyle drastically changed. My income came to a screeching halt. You have to understand, I’m a hustler. I’m a legit entrepreneur. I sell things. I come in contact with people all the time. I have to stay safe.”

Johnson fears another lockdown will crush his successful street sales.

“If you live the type of lifestyle that I live, if you out here in the streets and you hustling [as] an entrepreneur like me, then why not do it safely? So I want everybody to take this seriously. Take a shot at staying healthy. Get the vaccine.”

Other government agencies have taken to using rappers and unsavory characters to speak to Black people on their level to decrease vaccine hesitancy.

Watch the PSA below.