Photo may have been deleted

Family members of Delia Johnson say the woman who shot her on a crowded Brooklyn street was a “family friend.”

Johnson, 43, was gunned down on busy Franklin Avenue near Prospect Place at 9:40 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 3, in the Prospect Heights neighborhood.

Johnson was shot in the head as she spoke with people sitting on a stoop outside an apartment building.

Surveillance video shows a woman approach Johnson with her hand behind her back. The woman pointed a gun at Johnson and shot her at close range.

The woman fired again at Johnson as she lay motionless on the pavement.

The shooter wore a blonde lacefront wig, a Black long sleeve shirt, black leggings and white sneakers. A white handbag was slung over her shoulder.

After the shooting, the woman nonchalantly strolled back to her white SUV that was doubled parked on the street.

Johnson was killed hours after attending a friend’s funeral about 4 blocks away.

Johnson’s brother said his sister and the shooter attended the friend’s funeral, but not together.

Mourners attended a candlelight vigil for Jonson on Friday.

They remembered her as someone with a kind heart who lived life to the fullest.

Johnson leaves behind a 17-year-old daughter.

Photo may have been deleted
NYPD/Crime Stoppers

Johnson’s mother, Delia Barry, recognized the killer in a police photo taken from the video on Friday.

“I know her!” Barry exclaimed. “Oh my God, oh my God, she used to stay with us. She slept in my bed, ate my food.”

One of the victim’s younger sisters, Hadijah Pendley, called the suspect “a family friend who came to our family events, celebrations, holidays — whatever  you want to call it, she came.”

Longtime pal Shawn Johnson, 43, said he was hanging out with the victim minutes before she was gunned down, but she left after receiving a mysterious phone call.

Shawn Johnson (no relation) said he believes Delia Johnson was lured to her death by the phone call.

“She was on the block with us, she got a phone call, and when she got the phone call, she said, ‘I’ll be right back,'” he told the NY Post.

Shawn said he was in disbelief when he received word that Johnson had been shot.

“Twenty minutes later, somebody called me and told me she got shot. I told him he was lying. I was just standing here with her.”

CAUTION: Video contains graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised.