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The family of a fully vaccinated Illinois woman who died from Covid-19 used her obituary to blame unvaccinated people for her death.

Terry Candace got her second Covid-19 mRNA vaccine in early March. Her son, Marc Ayers, says his mother was excited and full of hope for the future.

“I took my parents to get that second jab, and we were all so excited. We are a family that believes in science. We believe in masks, and we believe in vaccines. We were ready to get back to normal.”

But Candace Ayers died in July while on a trip with her husband in Mississippi, CBS affiliate WDJT reports. Her death certificate said she died from Covid-19.

According to data released by the CDC, vaccinated people can spread the Delta variant.

Still, her family used her obituary in the State Journal Register to blame unvaccinated people for her death.

“Candace Cay (Kruger) Ayers, 66, of Springfield, passed away on September 3, 2021, at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, IL. She was preceded in death by more than 4,531,799 others infected with Covid-19. She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life.”

Marc Ayers believes his mother was infected while she visited Mississippi, where vaccination rates remain under 50%.

“This all could have been avoided,” Ayers said.

“This could have been prevented by a few acts of kindness. They were in a state that had one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. Getting a vaccine and wearing a mask for others … had this been done, she would be here today.”