Photo may have been deleted
Instagram, Getty Images

Kanye West posted X-rays of his son, Saint West‘s fractured right arm on Instagram on Saturday.

The mega producer shared the X-rays in a post without a caption, prompting speculation that he suspects child neglect.

Kanye posted his son’s X-rays two weeks after his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, shared photos of Saint’s broken arm on her Instagram.

She shared an Instagram Story photo of Saint sitting in a wheelchair at the hospital with an ice pack on his arm.

Photo may have been deleted

She captioned the images on her Instagram story: “Who do you think cried more today? My baby boy broke his arm in a few places today. I’m not ok”.

However, the X-ray showed only one fracture in Saint’s right forearm.

Kanye’s silence on the subject spoke volumes, according to rumormongers who believe he suspects child neglect.

One IG user noted that Kim is not always attentive to her children whenever she goes live on Instagram:

“I already knew this was gonna happen when he was hanging off the back and climbing on Psalms high chair while Kim was pretending to cook Cup-a-noodles… And she was just letting him lean on it and climb so of COURSE he was gonna fall and break his arm. It was inevitable because she doesn’t tell them ‘Don’t do that. Climb down. Your gonna fall.’ She just let’s them fall all over the place!”

Others say Kanye might be gathering evidence for a child custody battle.