Noam Galai/GC Images

Rumors circulated over the weekend that an NBA superstar and his cooking star wife are headed for divorce court.

The original source didn’t name the high-powered couple, but the source dropped enough clues that led some readers to speculate about the couple’s identity.

The rumors began swirling after a TikTok user claimed to have overheard the couple arguing at their lawyers office, the source reported.

According to the TikToker, the NBA player’s wife, a serial entrepreneur, wanted to launch a new furniture line. But her husband allegedly objected to yet another business venture when they have minor children at home.

The NBA player allegedly told his wife that it was “too soon” to launch a furniture line and that she “already had cooking stuff.”

The NBA wife was allegedly insulted that her superstar husband thought her place is in the kitchen and raising their children.

The NBA player is described as a “devout” husband, and the wife is described as a “cooking star” with her fingers in many pots.

Can you guess the couple?

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