Photo may have been deleted

Is Halle Berry dating masculine-identified lesbian rapper Young M.A.?

In an Instagram video, actress Halle Berry is seen hugging rapper Young M.A.‘s neck. The mom-of-two says, “This is my baby right here,” which made Young M.A. blush and giggle.

Halle is a youthful 55-year-old Oscar winner. While Young M.A. is a popular 29-year-old, male-identified hip-hop star.

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Heterosexual celebrities such as Harry Styles have jumped on the ghey for pay bandwagon because it pays well. However, the LGBT+ community frowns upon this behavior.

Photo may have been deleted

Halle is currently dating music producer and singer Van Hunt.

Young M.A. went viral in July after saying she wanted to have a baby, according to Vlad TV.

“I want a boy first, then a girl. That’s it. I’d rather a boy first,” she said.

“I told my girl this. I’d rather a boy first, because he’d be the one taking care of his little sister and he got to hold it down. That’s how it was with me and my brother.”

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Young M.A.’s comments prompted speculation that she was pregnant. She later clarified that her girlfriend would carry the child, since she – Young M.A. – identifies as a male.

The rapper, born Katorah Kasanova Marrero, is best known for her hit single “Ooouuu.”