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A woman is accused of recruiting plus-size Black women on TikTok, then forcing them to cut themselves and call her “daddy.”

Angela Vandusen, 27, of Michigan, is accused of forming a social media cult called “Daddy’s Girls” in 2020 that targeted “insecure plus-sized black women”. Angela reportedly encouraged the cult members to call her “daddy.”

Angela gained a large following on TikTok by creating videos of herself dancing and lip-syncing provocatively.

Photo may have been deleted

She also shared her weight-loss journey on TikTok and other social media sites. Eventually, she expressed her fondness for BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism), in addition to her preference for BBWs – big beautiful women of color.

One former member, who asked to remain anonymous, told Rolling Stone:

“We don’t fit the society’s standards of what a body is supposed to look like. It was safe to be around other women – we all looked the same, had the same problems, had the same struggles.

“A lot of girls joined based off the same aspect that we could talk about things and we could all relate to each other.”

As more BBW women joined her BDSM cult, Angela’s dark side began to emerge. She targeted women who were insecure, submissive and willing to be dominated by her.

Several of the women have spoken out about the abuse they suffered. They say Angela forced them to cut themselves and to pull their hair out of their heads to prove their loyalty.

When Angela had around 50,000 followers, she started charging $50 for weekly livestreams. During one of the livestreams, the male-identified lesbian asked the women to only make videos about her on their pages.

Women who made videos that weren’t about Angela were disciplined or lectured to by the other group members.

Photo may have been deleted

Over time, her livestreams became more and more sexual and her rules more strict.

“That’s when I realized she’s leading these girls on and making them fall in love with her,” a former member told Rolling Stone.

One woman showed Rolling Stone a series of text messages from Angela, in which she said she was going to “punish” her for not answering her phone.

“You will be punished for this bulls**t. Stupid f**king b***h. You don’t do jack f**king s**t, just lazy for no f**king reason,” the text messages read.

Photo may have been deleted

A TikTok user named @auntkaren0 (left) shared a screenshot of text messages allegedly sent by Angela (right) to an ex-Daddy’s Girls member encouraging her to “cut deeper” and to “pull 20 strings of hair” out of her head (see the video below).

Angela, whose TikTok username was @AngelaTheeG0ddess, has since been kicked off the platform.

She has not been charged with any crimes, but there is a petition calling for her arrest.

The petition has gained over 22,300 signatures of its 25,000 goal as of Sunday night.

Watch @auntkaren0’s video below.


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