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A Tennessee man has been charged with the cruel murders of his girlfriend and their newborn daughter.

Tennessee police arrested Brandon Isabelle, 25, Wednesday on two counts of first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping and tampering or fabricating evidence.

Memphis police say he confessed to killing Danielle Hoyle, 27, and tossing their baby, Kennedy Hoyle, into the Mississippi River.

Photo may have been deleted


Danielle's family said she worked at Fed-Ex to support her two children, including a 10-year-old daughter.

Brandon told Memphis police he lured Danielle to a location in Whitehaven, Tennessee, on Tuesday, and shot her in the head.

He then removed sleeping Kennedy from her car seat and callously tossed the baby into the river.

Police found Danielle's abandoned vehicle in the area of Sedgwick Street and Levi Road in Whitehaven, and eventually located her body nearby.

An Amber Alert was issued after Danielle's family said her newborn daughter was in the car with her.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation quickly located Brandon, and brought him in for questioning.

He initially said he disposed of Kennedy's body in the area of Island Park and the Upper Mud Island Boat Ramp.

He then admitted he tossed the baby and the gun he used to kill Danielle in the Mississippi River and Wolf River Delta.

Law enforcement officers are still searching for little Kennedy's body.

Danielle's heartbroken mother, April Campbell, told Action 5 News she held her granddaughter once for 10 minutes. She said she wants swift justice.

"I want him to suffer like he made my baby suffer," Campbell told Action 5 News. "I want him to hurt. I don't want it to be easy for him... why would you hurt a baby?"