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Photo may have been deleted


R&B singer Keke Wyatt, who is pregnant with her 11th child, is not done having babies just yet.

Keke, 39, shared a pregnancy reveal Instagram photo with her husband, Zackariah Darring, and their kids.

Darring wore a t-shirt with the words "Last one" printed on the front.

"Well, my hunnie can wear a shirt all he wants, [but] I have learned never say never. So we shall see. OK!" Keke told Us Weekly on Thursday, Feb. 24.

Keke shares a son Ke'Riah, 2, with Darring. She also has three children, ages 13-21, with ex-husband Rahmat Morton and four more children ages 4-11, with ex-husband Michael Ford.

A daughter, Heaven, was stillborn, and Keke is stepmom to Ford's daughter, Kayla Ford.

Keke said her children have "mixed opinions" about her unborn baby.

"My kids are very real. Overall, they are excited. My kids help me soooo much in every way. Don't get it twisted, some days they are lazy just like kids and I have to get on their ass. But other than that, they are great."

Keke was "surprised" at the news of her unplanned pregnancy. She told Us Weekly she was not trying to get knocked up.

"When my husband and I sneak away from the kids and have grown up time, we normally never have slipups," she said. "We normally stay on point but this time ... not so much. My husband is very happy."

The mom-of-11 is keeping the sex of her unborn baby a secret from fans. "We will be finalizing names soon," she told Us Weekly.

Former NFL star Chad Ochocinco was among the celebrities congratulating Keke on social media.

The father of 9 joked that "KeKe Wyatt really think she finna outdo me..."