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Rihanna's dad Ronald Fenty said his daughter's eggs were getting close to their expiration date.

Ronald Fenty revealed exclusively to The Sun how he found out his daughter was expecting her first child with boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

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Fenty, 68, said he was "ecstatic" when Rihanna told him she was pregnant.

Rihanna and A$AP, both 33, broke the news in a photo shoot over the weekend. Rihanna revealed her exposed baby bump through a long pink coat on a bitterly cold snowy day in New York City.

Ronald Fenty expressed his relief that his childless daughter was finally pregnant.

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Ronald suggested Rihanna waited too long until her eggs were nearly dust.

He said: "If you want to bake a good cake you've got to have fresh eggs."

Speaking from his home in Barbados, Ronald exclusively told The Sun:

"I'm ecstatic. To be honest I only found out yesterday but for the last five years, everybody was saying she was pregnant all the time. She called me and said she had some good news for me and I automatically knew what it was. I think this is a good time, she doesn't want to wait until she's in her 40s."


Ronald is convinced Rihanna will be a great mother and motherhood will come naturally to her. He said she is very protective of her brothers, nephews and all children.

He said he hopes Rihanna will have a girl.

"I already have two grandsons so I would like a granddaughter this time."