Photo may have been deleted

More details have emerged after Houston rapper Sancho Saucy found a 2-year-old boy wandering the street alone. The child was barefoot and wore only shorts in cold, rainy weather.

Saucy, 31, took the child into his arms and wrapped him in a warm blanket. He sat with the boy in his car while comforting him.

The aspiring rapper live-streamed the incident as it unfolded and posted the video on his Instagram page (see below).

“This sh*t sad, man. This sh*t sad, man. This little man walking down the street by hisself, dude… In freezing weather. No shoes, no pants, no shirt, and he scarred up. Look at him, man.”

Photo may have been deleted

The boy, who is not used to having a male figure in his life, clung tightly to Saucy, whose own toddler son was in the car.

Eventually, the lost boy’s mother, a foreign refugee, approached the car, but Saucy refused to hand the boy over to her.

“He needs to go to better care. I ain’t gonna lie to you, I don’t even feel comfortable giving him back to ’em… Ain’t nobody getting no baby out my hand…”

The distraught woman was accompanied by a man who carried the woman’s newborn daughter wrapped in a thin blanket.

The woman, who doesn’t speak English, threw herself on the ground and wailed in her native language. Her teenage daughter arrived and explained that the mother was asleep when the toddler opened the door and escaped.

An employee from the housing complex arrived, and explained to police that the family had been in her office to report the child missing. The employee transported the family back to the front office in a golf cart. Saucy also accompanied the family to the office.

It is not clear if the police took the 2 children into protective custody.

Although the video has gone viral on multiple platforms, this story has not been picked up by the mainstream media.

Is it because a Black man took responsibility for someone else’s child and that’s not the image of Black men that the mainstream media wants to promote?

Watch the video below.