Photo may have been deleted

Rapper Archie Eversole has died at age 37, sources confirmed to Majic ATL on Wednesday.

Eversole was best known for his 2002 single “We Ready” off his gold album Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style. The song is still played at stadium sporting events around the country and in advertisement commercials.

The family did not disclose a cause of death. However, a confidential source said Eversole was fatally shot during a dispute with a family member.

Eversole enthusiastically embraced the Atlanta United soccer team. In 2018, Eversole released “United We Conquer,” a theme for the Atlanta United.

The team’s fans paid tribute to him on social media on Wednesday.

ESPN’s Brandon Caldwell tweeted:

“rip… archie eversole, an energetic rapper who crafted a song and anthem which will outlive and still be wholly southern and atlanta.”