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Actress Tichina Arnold, who played Chris Rock’s ball-breaking mom on the TV series “Everybody Hates Chris”, is on a mission to save Black men in America.

Tichina is concerned about the challenges facing Black men in America.

The 52-year-old single mom tweeted on Wednesday: “Honest Question: What can we as Black Women in America do, to stop aiding in the emasculation of Black men in America?”

The responses from some of her 735K Twitter followers were largely hypocritical.

One male follower wrote: “Lord, not you. Well you first have to stop thinking that Black men in America are being emasculated.”

A female follower tweeted: “We, as black women are not responsible for the image that black men have created for themselves. I wish people would stop placing this responsibility on us.”

And a third follower wrote: “You cannot be serious. You mean the same men DVing us, murdering us [trans & cis] MOST every year, street harassing, and defending rapists at every turn? The 1s glorifying violence in our artforms? The ones who create broken homes? AND WE EMASCULATING? GURL…..This ain’t it.”

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Tichina divorced Golden State Warriors assistant coach DaRico Hines after he allegedly made a sex tape with another woman and the tape somehow leaked onto the Internet.

Tichina has a daughter, Alijah Kai Haggins, 18, with music producer Carvin Haggins.