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Photo may have been deleted

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Pastor Jamal Bryant apologized profusely for trashing Kevin Samuels in a fiery sermon on Mother's Day.

The relationship guru died of an apparent cardiac arrest in his Buckhead apartment on May 5.
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Bryant criticized Samuels for insulting single women over 35 by calling them "leftovers."

"How can a man say that you are of low value after 35? How can a man say that you do not have the level of traction of a high-powered man when that man has got to get a GoFundMe for his funeral?"

Photo may have been deleted


Bryant issued an apology in a new sermon this past Sunday, Pastor Bryant apologized to Samuels' family, the community and his brothers in the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

"An apology is only messed up if you match it with an excuse. An apology comes with ownership... When people hold you accountable that does not make them a hater. When people hold you accountable, that means they have an expectation...," he said.

Samuels' family has denied he died broke. However, others say Samuels portrayed himself as something he wasn't: a high-value man.

A woman posted a video on TikTok that shows Samuels rented a basement apartment in a home in 2021. He also parked his BMW on top of cardboard in the street outside the home to catch oil leaks.

Watch the video below.