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50 Cent has apparently joined the growing movement of Americans who reject Father’s Day as a real holiday.

The rap mogul compared the marketing blitz for Mother’s Day compared to the TV commercials leading up to Father’s Day.

“So, listen, Father’s Day is a holiday that’s not really a holiday, you know what I’m saying? That sh*t is like… Even by the commercials, look at the commercials. They’ll show you – Father’s Day, they’ll show you a screwdriver, muthaf**kin’ power tools. Like, go fix some sh*t. They wanna see you go fix some sh*t.”

He added: “When Mother’s Day comes, sh*t be like: ‘Zales, because you care.’ Like, ni**as don’t want diamonds?”

He complained that men receive texts on Father’s Day – “to make sure that you still know where you should send your [child support] check.”

The Father’s Day debate swept across racial and ethnic lines on Sunday. Social media users argued that celebrating Father’s Day is pointless in the Black community where 80% of Black children are raised in single-parent households.

On one message board dominated by conservatives, users expressed their outrage that an Internet meme of an absent father toy featured an image of a white girl.

Photo may have been deleted

“Why ain’t she black?” one user asked.

Another wrote:

“Just because black families are hit hardest by our crisis of fatherhood, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hit white kids. This is a huge problem. Happy Fathers’ Day to all of you real dads out there.”

A third person wrote:

“Can we please stop making excuses for irresponsible black fathers because the last thing they need is more excuses. Black families are NOT hit hard by our crisis of fatherhood – they are hit hard by shitty black fathers and it’s the same in every black country and community, everywhere in the world.”

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