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CNN had a hard time explaining why Disney Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear film flopped at the box office over the weekend.

‘Lightyear’ opened to an estimated $51 million in theaters – about $20 million less than box office predictions.

CNN explained, “That number came in way under industry expectations, which projected the film to make around $70 million.”

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Much of the movie’s buzz centered around the lesbian kiss between a female character voiced by “Orange Is the New Black” actress Uzo Aduba (pictured) and her white, female partner in a scene in the movie.

The other part of it was Disney’s refusal to cut the lesbian kiss scene which led to the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia banning the movie from their markets.

CNN asked: “So why wasn’t ‘Lightyear’ a bigger hit?”

Their list of possible reasons included “confusion” about the movie’s plot, and Disney’s decision to stream the movie on Disney+, which caused moviegoers to stay home.

CNN didn’t mention the words “lesbian” or “kiss” in its article.

Probably because reporting that moviegoers are turned off by Hollywood’s wokeness is forbidden.