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Herschel Walker admits he has 2 more children. The Republican Georgia Senate candidate acknowledged he had four children on Thursday.

Walker’s four children became public knowledge just one day after it was revealed he has a 10-year-old son. The news was reported by The Daily Beast.

Walker, 60, confirmed to The Daily Beast that he has a total of four children — three sons and an adult daughter he fathered when he was 20 in college.

The Daily Beast reported that the 10-year-old boy’s mother sued Walker in 2013 for child support and to prove paternity. The DNA test revealed Walker was the father and he was forced to pay child support when the boy was two years old. The child has Walker’s last name, but he is not present in the boy’s life.

Until this week, the Heisman Trophy had only publicly spoken about one of his children — his 22-year-old son, Christian Walker.

In addition to the 10-year-old son, Walker has a 13-year-old boy.

Until this week, the ex-NFL star had only publicly spoken about his 22-year-old son, Christian Walker.

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“I have a 17-year-old, Christian. I love that dude. I love him to death,” Walker said in 2017. “He’s 17, he’s trying to pull away. I tell him, ‘Hey, dude, until you’re big enough to throw me off, boy I’m going to kiss you and hug you.”

Walker added, “if you got a child, hug your child every day.”