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Saucy Santana survived a cancel culture attempt on his struggling career after Twitter sleuths uncovered snarky tweets he wrote about Beyonce’s eldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

In one tweet, the 28-year-old openly gay rapper called the 10-year-old “nappy-headed”.

Santana responded to his critics in a series of angry tweets.

Santana went viral while performing at a Gay Pride event in Dallas on June 18, after he told the audience that women need gay men.

Omar Vega/Getty Images

Santana told the crowd that women get their sense of style, fashion, and personality from gay men – and without the gays, they would be nothing.

via Rhymes with Snitch — Santana told the crowd that gays run the world because when them b-words need their hair done, they calls the gays, when they need a stylist, they call the gays, when they need their make-up done, they call the gays and when they need advice about their dogass baby daddies they call the gays.

Santana capped off his rant calling gays the blueprint.

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