Health officials issued an urgent warning to people who smoke high-potency kush or weed.

A new study shows high-potency kush cannabis products pose a risk of psychosis.

Juanma hache / Moment

Weed smokers prefer high-potency kush because it provides a more euphoric, relaxing high. It doesn’t make them jumpy or hungry like weaker strains of the herb.

However, a new study shows smoking too much potent kush can cause irreversible psychosis and brain damage.

The high-potency weed is now available in marijuana dispensaries that grow their own plants.

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The potency is measured by how much THC is found in the kush. THC is the chemical in cannabis responsible for its psychoactive effects.

But experts say the higher potency kush is a health hazard, especially to teenagers whose brains are still developing.

“With the increasing strength of cannabis available in the U.S. and around the globe, it’s important to understand the long-term health outcomes that might be associated with using these types of products as compared to what has traditionally been available,” said Ziva Cooper, director of the UCLA Center for Cannabis and Cannabinoids.