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A family member who found former model Kim Porter dead at age 47 is suing Sean “Puffy” Combs for wrongful termination.

Porter died of double pneumonia on Nov. 15, 2018. Her niece found her lifeless body in the master bedroom at her Toluca Lake, California home after dropping off Porter’s twins, Jessie James and D’lila Star, at school.

The niece, who identified herself in the complaint as Jane Roe, claims she was wrongfully let go by Combs 2 years later.

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In legal documents, obtained by TMZ, Roe is suing Combs, Tri Star Sports, and others, claiming she was fired in 2020 after she learned she was pregnant and requested maternity leave.

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Roe says Combs asked her to stay on as the twins’ full-time nanny and to live at his estate. She added she was responsible for “the twins’ 24/7 care.”

Roe says she fell pregnant in August 2020 and requested maternity leave from Combs. She claims Combs told her through his reps that she was fired because she was pregnant and unmarried – which set “a bad example” for his daughters.

According to TMZ, Jane Roe was not fired for being pregnant or unmarried, she was let go “for cause”. However, the cause of her termination was not revealed.

Porter was not married to Combs when she gave birth to their son, Christian, and the twins.