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Floyd Mayweather Jr. won a legal victory when a NY judge tossed out a lawsuit filed by a jeweler who claimed he refused to pay a $400,000 bill.

According to court documents obtained by, a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit brought by Eric & Co Trading Company.

The jeweler claimed Mayweather showed up at one of its pop-up events in Miami and took a treasure trove of jewelry with the promise to pay later.

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Eric & Co, said Mayweather walked away with a gold Cartier diamond bracelet, a $34,000 diamond necklace, a $12,000 “iced out choker”, 3 custom white gold “TMT” pieces, a $20,000 diamond/emerald cut butterfly necklace, a diamond tennis bracelet and other items.

The total price tag for the items came to $389,550 plus tax, Radar Online reports.

The day after the event, Eric & Co. emailed an invoice to Mayweather who confirmed he received it.

The jeweler made multiple attempts to collect the outstanding amount from Mayweather.

The jeweler said Mayweather is a regular customer and it never had an issue with the boxer paying his bills on time.


Eric & Co said they served Mayweather’s girlfriend with a lawsuit at the fighter’s Miami mansion.

The case dragged on for months and Mayweather didn’t show up in a NY court for the hearing.

A New York judge tossed the case out because it was brought in the wrong jurisdiction. The lawsuit should have been filed in Florida where the alleged theft occurred.

No new lawsuit has been filed in a Florida court, Radar Online reports.