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Netflix released the trailer for Monster: the Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The film stars actor Evan Peters as the serial killer who cannibalized his Black victims.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story also stars Niecy Nash as a concerned neighbor who called Milwaukee police multiple times to complain about the strange sounds and foul odors coming from Dahmer’s apartment.

“I called you for months!” she tells one detective after they discovered the horror inside Dahmer’s apartment.

Dahmer was finally arrested on July 22, 1991 after a victim managed to escape and alert police.

He was convicted in 1992 on 15 counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison at the Columbia Correctional Institution.

Dahmer was bludgeoned to death by a fellow inmate in the showers of the prison gym on November 28, 1994.

Watch the video below.