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Coach Deion Sanders sparked controversy for telling his Jackson State football team they are “a little soft” for today’s game.

“I’m old school,” said the 2-time Super Bowl champion during a team meeting. “Our coaches shot it straight to us. They didn’t pacify us. They didn’t sugarcoat us. They just said what it was.”

He continued: “In this new generation, we can’t truly be like our coaches because y’all can’t handle [criticism]. Because y’all a little soft; y’all was raised a little different. Y’all was coddled a little more. In this day and age, you can’t say certain things to certain people, to certain ethnicities… You can’t say certain things or you’ll be scolded, or you’ll be blackballed, or you’ll be pretty much written off.”

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Football fans say Deion (pictured in his FSU days) is correct in his assertion that today’s soft football players are not up to the challenge of playing a real man’s game.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was carted off the field with a concussion on Sept. 29. The team’s neurologist was fired for letting him play after he apparently suffered a concussion in another game four days earlier.

Many say Tagovailoa should retire because he’s too fragile to play the game.

Today’s football players are afraid to get hit. Every other hit results in a “concussion”.

On October 9, the Atlanta Falcons lost to the Tampa Buccaneers on a controversial penalty.

Tampa Bay was leading by 6 points late in the 4th quarter when defensive tackle Grady Jarrett sacked Bucs’ quarterback Tom Brady.

Even though it was a picture perfect sack, Jarrett was flagged for roughing the passer and the Bucs escaped with a 21-15 win over the Falcons.

Sports analysts called the penalty the worst they’d ever seen in NFL history.

Old school football players like Deion, who played with broken bones, worry that today’s soft football players are ruining the game.

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