Photo may have been deleted

Police are searching for an aspiring rapper who allegedly kidnapped and robbed a YouTube vlogger at gunpoint for his jewelry and cash.

Police say Slatt Zy posted a video on social media bragging about robbing YouTube vlogger Miko Worldwide.

“So ya’ll remember that Miko Worldwide ni–a who did our documentary vlog that be at [469,000 views] right now on YouTube? And that lil sh*t came out about him bruh f—in on that little boy? So basically, what we did… we had bruh down here yesterday, we took his chain, we took his [gun] and we took his YouTube Plaque.”

As most drill rappers do, Slatt Zy snitched on himself, and the feds have the video to prove it.

Miko Worldwide is pictured below with his coveted YouTube plaque that signifies 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Slatt Zy’s popularity is growing. The 20-year-old Chattanooga, Tennessee native is best known for his tracks “Broke,” “Gangsta Prodigy,” and “Opps.” He has 12 siblings.

The feds take kidnapping very seriously. Slatt Zy faces 75 years in prison when he’s caught. He probably won’t see the light of day again.

Watch Miko Worldwide’s documentary about Slatt Zy below.