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Black Twitter roasted rapper Latto for explaining her “sexually liberated” lifestyle to a 9-year-old fashion reporter.

Latto, formerly Miss Mulatto, made the cringe-worthy comments in a NYFW interview with 9-year-old Taylen Biggs for Harper’s Baazar magazine.

“How would you describe your personal style?” the adorable child asked the 23-year-old “Big Energy” rapper.

“I think I’m authentic. I think I give modern, sexually liberated woman. You’ll learn about that later,” Latto told the minor.

Social media collectively agreed that it was the wrong message for a grown up to give a 9-year-old girl.

One Twitter user wrote, “Love Latto but this wouldn’t have been my answer for a little girl.”

Another person wrote:

“This was very inappropriate. An ‘I’m a very authentic and free-spirited person’ would’ve sufficed for a child that age. People no longer understand that there’s a time and place for everything.”

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Latto’s critics forget that she was an innocent minor herself when she sacrificed her childhood for a rap career.

Latto was the winner of Jermaine Dupri‘s Lifetime reality series The Rap Game, but she declined to sign a record label deal afterwards.