Photo may have been deleted

A man is catching heat on social media after he dumped his Bumble date because he thought he was being Catfished.

The woman in the Bumble profile is the same woman he met on the blind date. However, she only posted headshots on Bumble.

Still, the woman is beautiful and her followers say he is a horrible person for abandoning her on their first date simply because she’s plus-sized.

Apparently, this isn’t uncommon. Other men on a Manosphere forum shared their stories of dumping dates who didn’t match their profile pics.

One man wrote:

“It happened to me too in the first months of me using tinder and not being hip to the ‘if its all close up face pics she fat’ was my first tinder date or online date. Showed up saw her said Hi talked for like 4-6 mins and said I was going to the washroom and left.”