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An Oklahoma City man is charged with knowingly infecting multiple women with the AIDS virus.

Ernest Lacour, 30, was arrested Thursday after three women accused him of intentionally infecting them with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Lacour is charged with three counts of knowingly engaging in conduct to transmit HIV.

One victim who asked not to be identified spoke with FOX 25 News on Friday. She said she is speaking out to warn other women to get tested for HIV.

“It’s a deadly disease, but you can still live your life,” she said. “I don’t have AIDS and I still have a life to live.”

The woman said she started having intimate relations with Lacour in 2019. She said she felt sick and went to the doctor who diagnosed her with HIV.

“I would just faint and pass out,” she said. “I would get so lightheaded that I would have these episodes and throw up for weeks.”

The woman said her HIV diagnosis was life-changing.

“It’s hard, like, mentally I’m crying and everything and how to cope with the medications and the treatment and everything.”

Courts documents obtained by FOX 25 show Lacour infected at least two other women.

I am here to tell my story,” the victim said. “I am strong. I can do this. I have support.”

“I just want to tell everyone that they need to get tested and to be careful,” she said. “You never know who someone really is.”

FOX 25 says police started an investigation because Lacour knew he was HIV-positive during sexual contact with the women.