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An Atlanta journalist is going viral for being brutally honest about what she wants from men: money.

Dawn Montgomery posted a series of thirst traps on her Instagram page.

But when men respond by sliding in her DMs, she tells them bluntly, “Stop telling me I’m beautiful. Be different. CashApp me $350.”

Montgomery is a single mom who is calling the shots.

Bitter men reacted to Montgomery’s posts by warning others that she isn’t easy.

One male wrote:

“You guys talking about how beautiful she is need to pay attention to what she has written. She may be physically beautiful, but to me her statements paint a very different picture about her mindset.”

Another person wrote: “Yep I see how dudes are getting played out here. They’re focused on the pics instead of what is said. This chic sounds like a headache. So I wish good fortune on whatever man that chooses to chase that.”