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Xscape fans are relieved to learn that LaTocha Scott‘s 49-year-old husband/manager Rocky Bivens didn’t father a child with an Instagram model.

Social media was buzzing this week over rumors that Instagram model Unykue Foucha (pronounced unique future) had fallen pregnant with Rocky’s child after a years-long romance.

Fans were worried that LaTocha, 49, was taking the news hard.

In an Instagram post, Unykue complained that she had an affair with Rocky for years and he allegedly knocked her up.

She wrote:

“The most f–ked up thing the universe can do to you is let you meet the right person at the wrong time. I’m just tired of living a lie all these years and ready to live in my truth freely and in peace unapologetically.”

Xscape fans lit up Unykue’s timeline on Instagram.

On Tuesday, the Instagram model said she was hacked and didn’t notice the breach because she was celebrating the holiday with her family.

“I’m NOT pregnant! Nor am I having an affair with anyone,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“That is NOT my character. I was once a married woman myself,” she added.

The single mom vowed to get to the bottom of the breach.

But Xscape fans accused her of lying about being hacked because she couldn’t explain the fake ultrasound.

Unykue also deleted an Instagram photo that showed her posing intimately with Rocky.

Photo may have been deleted