Photo may have been deleted

Shanquella Robinson’s best friend allegedly urged her to “fight back” while she was being attacked by another woman.

Robinson, 25, left her home in Charlotte, North Carolina to travel to Cabo, Mexico with six friends on October 28. Robinson was accompanied on the trip by three women and three men.

The North Carolina Beat obtained photos of the six friends, including her best friend Khalil Cooke.

24 hours later she would die under suspicious circumstances.

Shocking video footage shows a woman punching and kicking Robinson after throwing her to the floor in a hotel room.

A man’s voice in the background is heard asking Robinson, “Can you at least fight back?”

“No,” she responded.

“At least something – fight back or something,” he said, while he and others in the room recorded the beating.

The woman assaulting Robinson has been doxxed online by furious social media users who published her name, address, phone number and even her place of employment on the Internet.

Robinson’s mother, Sallamondra Robinson, said her daughter was invited on the trip to Cabo by Cooke, her best friend of five years.

Internet sleuths allege that Cooke, 27, is the voice heard in the video urging his bestie to “fight back.”

On October 29, Sallamondra said she received a phone call from Cooke. He told her Robinson was “not feeling good” and that she had vomited a few times.

Sallamondra said she wasn’t worried because her daughter was with her best friend.

“After he told me that she was resting and not feeling good and that she had thrown up, I told him just to call us and keep us informed on how she is doing,” Sallamondra said.

Khalil called again and told Sallamondra that ambulances were at their rented villa.

“He told me that there were about three ambulances there and they trying to resuscitate Shanquella,” Sallamondra said.

She said Cooke put her on hold for several minutes. “I was like what’s going on now?” Sallamondra said.

When Cooke returned to the phone, he told Sallamondra that Robinson had alcohol poisoning.

“He came back and told us it was alcohol poisoning,” Sallamondra said. “We were more calm I guess, because we trust him and we kind of believed what he was telling us.”

Medics were unable to resuscitate Shanquella, and she was pronounced dead at 3 p.m. on October 29.

Cooke and the five others hurriedly left Cabo a day earlier than scheduled. They returned to Charlotte, and Cooke visited Sallamondra’s home to give her Robinson’s luggage.

“He brought her luggage to my house when he got back and he just kept saying she died from alcohol poisoning,” Sallamondra said. “At that point, I just said I was going to wait for the autopsy to come back.”

The autopsy results showed Robinson died from “Severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation,” a dislocation of the first bone in the spinal column near the brain stem.

“Khalil kept coming around the family, trying to make it seem like he was innocent and didn’t know what had happened to Shanquella,” her mother said.

“He kept coming around the house every day, his mom is with him,” Sallamondra said.

Robinson’s sister, Quilla Long said Cooke seemed nervous and pacing the floor when he visited their home.

Long said the next time Cooke visited her home, he brought two of the women who were with Robinson and Cooke in Mexico.

Quilla Long said that her family had gotten phone calls, saying, “they were over there fighting and jumped Shanquella.” Long said she asked the girls if that was true, and they told her it was not true.

“Now that stuff done happen, I can go back and say ‘that’s why he was pacing. He was nervous, he was sweating, and grabbing his beard,'” Long said. “It had to be eating him up then.”

Sallamondra said autopsy photos show Robinson’s face was swollen, she had a bump on her head and a split lip.

“She had been beaten to death,” said Sallamondra.

Photo may have been deleted

The family is pressing the FBI and Mexican authorities to conduct an investigation into Robinson’s death.

Queen City News spoke with officials at the U.S. State Department in Mexico, who disputed reports that Robinson was murdered. State Dept. officials said, “There was no clear evidence of foul play.”

Cooke and the five others have deleted their social media pages and changed their phone numbers.

They told friends they were receiving death threats on social media and they are in hiding.

The family is furious with Cooke for leaving Robinson to fend for herself.

In an emotional phone call, Quilla Long told The North Carolina Beat, “I wouldn’t have thought that Khalil would be as dirty as he is. He’s a dirty mother——.”

A U.S. State Department official recommended the family hire a private investigator and an attorney if they question the results of the autopsy.

“She had a heart of gold. She loved everybody and pretty much everybody loved her,” said Sallamondra. “I want justice for my daughter.”

Watch the video below.