Photo may have been deleted

Nick Cannon recently welcomed his 11th child by Abby De La Rosa – her third baby with the prolific breeder.

News of the baby’s arrival sparked a new round of Internet memes featuring the promiscuous media mogul.

The meme is a spin on a real study published in the October 2013 issue of National Geographic, titled “The Changing Face of America.” The study shows what Americans will probably look like in 2050.

Photo may have been deleted
National Geographic

The article shows Black Americans, in particular, will be mixed/biracial with Caucasoid features such as light skin, fine or loose curly hair and light eyes.

A jokester remade the famous study to show Americans in 2050 will resemble Nick if he continues knocking up random women at a rapid pace. The fake meme shows that the future gene pool will be dominated by Nick’s DNA and every American – Black, white, and Asian – will resemble Nick Cannon.

Nick was so amused by the meme that he re-posted it on his Instagram page, along with the caption, “Wow! Everybody got jokes!”

His followers also chimed in. One follower wrote in the comments section: “World population just turned 8 Billion today. Thanks Nick Cannon.”

The 42-year-old TV host is expecting his 12th child with Alyssa Scott, the mother of his late son, Zen Cannon, who died in December 2021 from brain cancer.