Photo may have been deleted
Houston PD, screenshot

A person of interest who was questioned in the murder of rapper Takeoff (right) in Houston is not dead.

Takeoff, 28, was shot dead after leaving a dice game at a downtown Houston bowling alley on Nov. 1. The dice game was hosted by Houston businessman J. Prince Jr.

Takeoff and his uncle, rapper Quavo were J. Prince’s guests.

Photo may have been deleted
Houston PD, TMZ

A fake article circulating on social media claims that a member of J. Prince Jr.’s camp named “Lil Cam” was shot and killed in retaliation for Takeoff’s murder.

Sources say Lil Cam’s father is a longtime associate of J. Prince Jr.’s father, James Prince Sr.

Multiple bloggers claim Lil Cam shot Takeoff after snatching his jewelry, but there is no evidence to support that.

Multiple camera angles show Lil Cam, 22, running into the bowling alley while Quavo’s half brother, Migo Bands shoots at someone else while defending Takeoff.

Migo Bands is heard on video shouting, “Let’s go Take!” before the shootout.

Photo may have been deleted
Screenshots: TMZ

These screenshots from a video shows Lil Cam (wearing a yellow hoodie) run into the bowling alley while Migo Bands (red arrow) exchanges gunfire with someone else in the opposite direction.

At the 3-second mark in this video you see Lil Cam leave the bowling alley seconds before J. Prince Jr. walked in. J. Prince tells a woman, “You saw that sh-t. Don’t ask me what the f–k happened.”

Sources say members of the robbing crew started a fake argument with Quavo to cause a distraction so they could rob Takeoff.

Photo may have been deleted

According to sources, Takeoff was targeted for a robbery because he failed to “check in” and pay for protection. And he showed up at the dice game wearing $100,000 worth of jewelry around his neck and wrist and an expensive watch.

Chicago’s Duke the Jeweler was also killed in September when he showed up to J. Prince’s dice game wearing pricey diamond jewelry and flashing cash.

Houston police have no suspects.