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According to an insider, “every anchor” at Good Morning America is “furious” over the drama T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach brought to their network.

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“Every anchor is upset that Amy and T.J. have caused such drama,” the source told Page Six. “No one wants to be associated with this.”

Longtime GMA anchor Robin Roberts is “Furious” over the continuing scandal.

According to, Roberts is said to be “furious” over the “messy” affair that has “tainted the brand.”

Roberts allegedly went up the chain of command and complained to Disney’s CEO Bob Iger about ABC’s president Kim Godwin‘s lackadaisical response to the controversy.

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Godwin (pictured) initially told staffers that Robach and Holmes were “consensual adults” who didn’t violate the company’s policies.

But she backtracked and pulled the lovers off the air while contemplating her next step.

Then Disney took action and suspended the couple indefinitely. Sources say the pair are not expected to return to GMA3.

Robach’s “20/20” co-anchor David Muir is reportedly upset over the drama.

“He’s not having it. He’s the face of the evening news and nothing about him ever makes it into the papers. He’s very private and no one at ABC likes the way Amy and T.J. handled it,” a source told Page Six.

Photo may have been deleted

Holmes and Robach’s colleagues were accepting of their romance at first. Then viewers expressed their outrage and advertisers pulled their ads from Good Morning America spin-off GMA3.

Sources say Disney wants to keep Amy Robach and fire Holmes, who has a sordid reputation of being a “serial cheater” while bedding ABC News staffers.

“But how can they let him go and keep Amy?” the source said. “They love her and they don’t want to lose her. But imagine the possible backlash if they go down that path.”

“Letting the black man go and keeping the white woman?” the source continued. “It looks like the worst sort of double standard and would leave them wide open to allegations of racism.”