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The chairwoman of the California Reparations Task Force will demand the creation of a Bureau of American Affairs to dole out up to $223,000 to every descendant of African slaves.

The task force will meet today, Dec. 14, amid reports that U-Haul is running out of moving trucks nationwide as Black people rush to California for reparations checks.

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Kamilah V. Moore disputed reports that every person in Black families will receive $223,000 to make up for past housing discrimination.

Moore said the money is the “maximum” amount and will only apply to Californians who suffered housing discrimination in Cali. between 1933 and 1977.

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Moore also said that Black people aren’t the only race eligible to receive the cash payouts.

“The task force decided in March that the community of eligibility would be lineage-based rather than race-based,” Moore said. She seemed to confirm criticism that whites and Hispanics will also be eligible for up to $223,000 per person.

Moore added: “When you really look at who was really impacted by housing discrimination during that particular time period it most likely won’t be all black folks.”

In a separate interview on Spectrum News, Moore said she plans to demand the creation of a Bureau of African American Affairs in order to handle the payments, similar to the Bureau of Indian Affairs for Native Americans.

The Calif. Reparations Task Force will meet Wednesday, Dec. 14, and Thursday, Dec. 15, for their final public meetings of 2022.

In addition to proving housing discrimination, Californians must also prove their lineage either via Ancestry.com or other DNA websites. Nearly 6.5% of California residents – 2.5M – identify as Black or African American.

The reparations task force was formed by Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2020 to study reparations proposals. The committee approved the first step of a proposal to pay descendants of slaves up to $223,000. A final proposal will be announced in early 2023.