Chet Hanks embraced his MMA girlfriend, Melissa Maysing, after her first victory match in Los Angeles on Friday, Dec. 9.

Chet, 32, is the son of actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. He’s an aspiring rapper whose first rap track was a remix of Wiz Khalifa‘s “Black & Yellow” titled “White & Purple” (2011).


In addition to MMA, Melissa is also a talented artist and a motorcycle enthusiast.

There isn’t much information about Melissa online, but that should change soon.


Chet has a Hanks has a 6-year-old daughter, Micaiah, with his ex Tiffany Miles. He went viral in 2020 when he posted on Instagram in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and claimed “pro-Trump conspiracy theorists” were targeting his family.

In 2021, Chet received backlash when he posted a video to Instagram urging viewers to get vaccinated. He later revealed it was all a joke and he admitted he wasn’t vaccinated himself.

“You ain’t sticking me with that mutherf—ing needle,” he said. “It’s the mutherf—ing flu. Get over it, okay?” He pointed out that his parents were both infected with Covid-19 despite being vaccinated themselves.

In a recent interview, Chet said his parents sent him to a wilderness program to kick his drug habit.

“My junior year of high school, when the fights and power struggle with my parents had reached an all time peak, my lights go on at four in the morning,” he recalled.

“I look at the foot of my bed and there’s two huge dudes standing at the foot of my bed – bald heads, looking like bouncers. They’re like, ‘You’re coming with us. We can do this the easy way or the hard way,'” he said.

He continued: “I was there longer than anybody else that I had seen come or go in the whole program, except for one kid who was there for six months.”