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Rapper Lil Yachty explained why he’s no longer promiscuous and how his newfound celibacy may cause women to think he’s gay.

“I don’t have sex, and I think women probably think I’m gay,” he said during a recent interview. “I don’t care that much,” he said. “I think a lot of times women think if they flying out to you like that we have to have sex. Or like that’s on my mind.”

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Yachty, who is best known for his songs such as “One Night” and “Minnesota” off his debut EP Summer Songs, is only 25 years old and has no children. He is taking life more seriously now that a variety of killer viruses have been released into the wild.

“Sometimes I just like to see what someone is like,” he continued. “Or even if I can be around them ’cause I usually can’t.”

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Yachty says he had so much sex before his spiritual awakening that he is over it.

“I just had so much sex that it’s like diluted to me,” he said. “Yea, like, it’s just… it’s not what it used to be. Like, I get off more on just really laughing. Like, ’cause laughing is so good to laugh and it’s a real laugh and it’s like yea, we’re laughing together.”

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