The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) admits the COVID mRNA vaccine is linked to blood clots – but only in the elderly population, age 65 and older.

FDA researchers found an increased risk of blood clots, platelet disorders and heart attacks in people over 65 after receiving the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

The FDA data was published by Science Direct earlier this month.

Despite the results of the study and the risks posed by the vaccines, the FDA “strongly believes the potential benefits of COVID-19 vaccination outweigh the potential risks of COVID-19 infection,” the researchers wrote.

The FDA is currently not taking any regulatory action based on the results of the study.

According to Politico Europe, a study of nearly 30 million people in England found that the risk of blood clots after contracting COVID is significantly higher than the risk from taking Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.

However, neither vaccine protects the vaccinated from contracting or transmitting the coronavirus. In other words, blood clots are a high risk in older people who received the mRNA vaccines and in everyone who contracts COVID.

This study has received very little coverage in the U.S. by the news media.