David Becker for the Washington Post

Federal prosecutors have launched an investigation into George Santos’ campaign finances as he prepares to be sworn into Congress on Tuesday, Jan. 3rd.

“No one is above the law and if a crime was committed in this county, we will prosecute it,” Nassau County District Attorney Anne T. Donnelly said in a statement.

Prosecutors are looking into “numerous fabrications and inconsistencies” associated with Santos.

“The residents of Nassau County and other parts of the third district must have an honest and accountable representative in Congress,” Donnelly said.

Santos’ lies and fabrications were exposed in a bombshell article that the New York Times waited until after the midterm elections to publish.

The Times learned that Santos, a Republican, lied when he said he worked for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup after graduating from Baruch College.

Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Baruch College have no record of him.

Prosecutors are also looking into Santos’ finances. He claimed he was making $55,000 per year, but he somehow managed to loan his campaign $700,000.

Santos, dubbed “Long Island Liar” by the New York media, was narrowly elected to the U.S. House of Representatives to represent New York’s 3rd congressional district, which covers Long Island and Queens.

He lost the election in 2020, so he made sure to check all of the diversity and inclusion boxes for the 2022 midterm elections.

Santos, who is of Brazilian ancestry, claimed in July 2020 that he was biracial, meaning he was half-Black.

He also tweeted in July 2021: “9/11 claimed my mothers life [sic]…” But his mother died in December 2016.

Santos said he was openly gay and “married” to a man. But he may not be gay at all. Public records show he was married to a woman in 2012 (they divorced in 2019). A search of public records shows no other marriage license associated with Santos.

Santos also insisted he was Jewish, despite genealogy records that show his ancestors are from Brazil.

Democrat Robert Zimmerman, who ran against Santos in November, is openly gay and Jewish. Gay rights groups celebrated two openly gay candidates running in a historic congressional race.

“I think having these two men in the historic race is transformative for the lives of young LGBT kids in the district,” LGBTQ Victory Fund President Annise Parker told CBS2 News.

Santos will be sworn into Congress in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

Former Minnesota senator Norm Coleman told the NY Times in an email he doesn’t think Santos will be in Congress for long.