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Everyone complimented Megan Thee Stallion on her classy attire when she arrived for Tory Lanez‘s criminal trial last week. The 27-year-old rapper wore a smart purple pantsuit on Day 2 of the trial.

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She accessorized her outfit with a multi-color classic Chanel handbag, and her real hair was cut in an asymmetric bob that accentuated her pretty face.

Now we know why Megan looked sensible and stylish for her day in court. She reportedly fired her messy stylist, EJ King, who previously dressed her like a circus act.


Compare Megan’s courtroom attire to this ridiculous outfit EJ King styled for her in 2020 before she dismissed him (pictured on the right).

King contradicted Megan’s testimony when he took the witness stand recently.

He testified that Megan and her former bestie Kelsey Harris left Kylie Jenner‘s private party in a Cadillac Escalade with a driver before the shooting on July 12, 2020.

King said Megan and Kelsey returned in the Escalade to pick up Lanez a short while later. King said he did not see a gun on Lanez at any time during the night.

Afterwards, King took to social media to clown his former client by using “Law & Order SVU” music in his Instagram post.

Joe Budden, Eva Pigford, Winnie Harlow, Jessie Woo and others also mocked Megan in the comments.

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Twitter comedian Lil Duval, pictured here wearing a jersey featuring a teddy bear (a symbol of pedophilia in Hollywood) shared a distasteful video about the Houston rapper on Instagram.

The video referenced a scene from the comedy film Harlem Nights where Quick (Eddie Murphy) shot Vera (Della Reese) in her pinky toe. Lil’ Duval covered Della Reese’s face with Megan Thee Stallion’s face and Murphy’s face with Tory Lanez’s in the video.