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“The View” co-hosts Alyssa Farah Griffin (L) and Ana Navarro (R) got into a heated debate about “toxic femininity” during the December 5 episode.

The topic was discussed after co-host Whoopi Goldberg mentioned a thread in which females shared their negative experiences with toxic women.

Goldberg asked her co-hosts if toxic femininity is “something you are aware of?”


“Toxic masculinity” is a pejorative term to describe physically imposing men who exert dominance and aggression over the weaker sex (and over weaker men).

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“Toxic femininity” defines females who use their ultra-feminine wiles to dominate over other women in the workplace or to steal another woman’s man. They are particularly aggressive toward females who may not be as emotionally secure or as physically blessed as they are.

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In some cases, toxic femininity describes an ultra femme woman who doesn’t have to work as hard as the average woman to achieve so much more financially.

“I think it is real though,” said co-host Farah Griffin. “We’ve come a long way… I think that women have made a ton of progress, but we can also be each other’s worst enemies.”

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“That’s what happens when you work with Kellyanne Conway,” Navarro interjected, referring to Farah Griffin clashing with Conway in her former job as the ex-White House Director of Strategic Communications. Farah Griffin quit her job in 2020.

“I mean — well, I can’t really get a word in without you attacking me so I wouldn’t say this is a totally different,” Farah Griffin told Navarro.

“This isn’t like a totally different environment of women supporting each other,” she continued. “But Madeleine Albright always said ‘there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help and support other women.’ And that’s something I try to live by.”

Farah Griffin went on to praise Goldberg for being supportive of “all the women” on The View. “You’ve been just, like, so supportive of all the women on this show, because you’ve accomplished so much and we’re all coming under you and just looking up to you.”

She continued: “Women support women more than they don’t, but I think it’s worth acknowledging when we are hard on each other.”

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