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The estranged wife of ex-Lakers star Trevor Ariza says she is struggling to pay her $18,000-a-month mortgage with no financial help from Trevor.

Bree Anderson told a judge she is unable to pay her bills while the NBA star lives a lavish lifestyle.

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According to court documents obtained by, Bree told the court she is destitute and unable to pay her massive bills.

Bree filed for divorce from the NBA star in September in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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They were married in 2018 but dated for several years before that. They share two minor children, daughter Taylor and son Tristan. She was also stepmom to Trevor’s firstborn son.

Bree cited irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce action.

She said her only job is being a stay-at-home mom to her kids – because that’s what Trevor wanted.

Bree accused Trevor of refusing to provide his financial documents or income information. She also claimed he doesn’t pay child or spousal support.

She complained that he recently bought his first baby mama a Mercedes Benz.

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Bree said there was a “significant financial disparity” between her and Trevor, who earns an estimated $5 million a month in salary, bonuses and corporate sponsorships.

The mom-of-two claimed Trevor “made comments stating ‘you won’t get anything from me,’ and ‘you won’t get what you want’ and that he will be making the process difficult for me.”

“Since I have filed for dissolution, Trevor has failed to provide me any meaningful support,” she claimed.

Bree, 35, asked the court for $250,000 to help her pay legal fees.

She listed her monthly expenses as $18,000 a month for mortgage, $3,100 in property taxes, $3,000 on child care, $5,000 a month for groceries, an additional $4,000 a month to dine out, $3,500 on clothes, $400 for cell phone bills, $5,000 a month for entertainment and gifts, $2,000 for car insurance, and $5,000 to pay her staff — for a grand total of $49,000 a month in expenses.

Trevor, 37, is a free agent who last played for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was waived by the Lakers on April 7, 2022.