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Nashville, Tennessee is in an uproar over a sex scandal involving multiple former police officers.

Four cops from the Nashville suburb of La Vergne were fired for allegedly having consensual sex on duty with a female cop.

Patrol officer Maegan Hall was let go in December after it was revealed she engaged in sexual activity with multiple officers while on duty.

Also fired were former patrol officers Juan Lugo-Perez, Lewis Powell, detective Seneca Shields and Sgt. Henry Ty McGowan. They are all accused of engaging in sex acts during what the mayor called a “Girls Gone Wild” hot tub party.

Powell (pictured bottom right), who is married, initially denied having a sexual relationship with Hall several times and claimed that “everybody knows she has multiple partners.” He later confessed to engaging in a sex act with the promiscuous former cop.

According to a report, Hall performed oral sex on Shields (top right) in the department’s gym while on duty.

Hall, who is married, is also accused of taking off her top to reveal her breasts while at a “family” Memorial Day boat party with Patrol officer Patrick Magliocco, who was suspended, and fellow officers David Durham and Eric Staats.

Magliocco admitted that Staats, himself, Durham and Hall were in the hot tub when Hall’s “top came off” before the two went off to have sex in the bathroom, the report reads.

Magilocco told investigators that he and his wife had been in an open relationship with Hall since spring 2022.

He said that one day Hall’s husband walked in on her and his wife and he didn’t approve of the open relationship.

Hall is accused of servicing half the police force.

K-9 officer Larry Holladay and patrol officer Gavin Schoeberl were also suspended and charged with sexual harassment for exchanging sexual images with Hall.

Many companies prohibit fraternizing between co-workers on the job.