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If you own a Kia or Hyundai, manufactured before 2019, you may have difficulty insuring your vehicle.

State Farm and Progressive insurance companies confirmed they will no longer provide coverage for 2015-19 Kia and Hyundai models due to thefts.

Both companies will drop coverage for certain Kia and Hyundai models because they can be easily hacked and stolen by teenagers.
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Data shows both Kia and Hyundai accounted for the majority of vehicle theft claims for 2015-19 car models. Nearly twice as many theft claims were reported for Kias and Hyundais than for the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat.

“Car theft spiked during the pandemic,” HLDI Senior Vice President Matt Moore said in a September 2022 report. “These numbers tell us that some vehicles may be targeted… because they’re easy to steal.”

The West and Midwest United States reported the highest number of thefts of Kias and Hyundais.

“From last July to this July, we saw a 625 percent increase in Kias and Hyundais stolen in the City of Seattle,” said Seattle city attorney Ann Davison, according to Fox 13 Seattle.

Insurance companies will continue to insure Kias and Hyundais manufactured after 2019 since those cars have electronic immobilizers installed.

Once immobilizers were installed in the cars, Moore said, vehicle thefts of Kias and Hyundais “plunged.”